Ultra-Compact - Pocket Size - 1 Sec. Measurement - 20 memories

Forehead infrared thermometer for the measurement of body temperature. Its pocket size makes it easy to use and transport, making it suitable for use anywhere, even in unexpected situations outside home (at work, office, supermarket, restaurant, etc.).
It detects the temperature automatically within one second.
The measurement is shown on the display and by a coloured LED. In the event of fever, the red LED lights up and the device emits an acoustic signal. Easy-to-read display. Stores the last 20 measurements.
The unit of measurement can be changed between degrees Celsius (°C) and degrees Fahrenheit (°F). The device switches off automatically after use. Recommended for personal use.

Technical specifications

Size / Weight with battery:
48.3 x 24 x 24 mm - 22g
Fever alarm.
Acoustic and visual
Measuring time:
1 sec.
Multiple Measurement Mode
Contact and/or No Contact
20 memories
Coloured LEDs
Blue <95.9°F / <35.5°C
Green 95.9°F~99.5°F / 35.5°C~37.5°C
Red >99.5°F / >37.5°C
Battery included:
Low battery indicator
Measurement range:
89,6° ~109,2 °F / 32°C~42,9°C
(95°F~107.6°F) ±0.4°F; (35.5°C~42°C) ±0,2°C;
(89.6°F~94.8°F) ±0.5°F; (32°C~34.9°C) ±0.3°C;
(107.8°F~109.2°F) ±0.5°F; (42.1°C~42.9°C) ±0.3°C;
Unit of measurement
Fahrenheit (°F) / Celsius (°C)
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