Ideal for the whole family
Piston nebulizer Meganeb

Aerosoltherapy appliance provided of a powerful piston compressor. High operative pressure ensures a fast nebulisation time and particle dimension therapeutically effective, also thanks to the 2 speeds Neboplus Ampul. Designed for your comfort with a big compartment case for accessories that simplify cleaning and a big handle for transport. Cable winder separated from accessories compartment to ensure maximal hygiene. The compressor does not need to be paused allowing the inhalator to be operated continuosly. Elegant and functional design, crash proof plastic case, spare filter provided. A nebulizer made for a long-lasting life with top level perfomances.

Technical specifications

Operating Pressure 0,8 bar
Free Flow 14 lpm
Noise level at 1 m 35 dBA
Operating times non stop
Open plug
nebulization rate
0,37 ml/min
Plug inserted
nebulization rate
0,22 ml/min
Mmd/Mmad 5 µm
Guarantee 3 years
Revision Code Ed. 07/15

included accessories
Neboplus ampul
instruction manual (I-GB-PL-EL-TK-SA)
instruction manual (GB-F-D-E-NL-RU)
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